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Our mission is to provide at risk youth an alternative to negative influences created by inner city living and prepare them for future roles as productive members of the community.



Stick N Move Boxing, Inc. is an innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to creating a positive impact on low income students’ lives.

Stick N Move was formed in 2009 by the organization’s Executive Director, Antwoine Dorm, who has witnessed the positive and dynamic benefits immersion in healthy activity and proper afterschool programs can have on the future of young children. Since the inception of the organization, Antwoine Dorm and his team have committed themselves to providing extensive boxing instruction and wellness opportunities to students who, due to their families’ financial limitations, would not otherwise have been able to participate in such a valuable program. Based in York, Pennsylvania and serving a diverse audience of interested and deserving children, Stick N Move is a nonprofit organization that nurtures and inspires its students to find the innovative and healthy outlet necessary to achieving overall success.


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